Digital literacy and competences have been proven to be vital nowadays for the individuals as they affect all the areas of life intensely.

The channels of social life, personal development and safety, active engagement in citizenship have been changing interdependently with contemporary progresses and alterations.

As younger generation assigns their path through digital instruments with ease, elder people have begun to lose their route to follow-up with the rapid changes.

Individuals at the age of 55 and above have been referred as “Digital Migrants” since they were born at a time when digital technologies were not widespread which places them at a disadvantageous position when it comes to adapting to the digital competences of the ever-changing era. Whereas people born into digital era have been referred as “Digital Natives” which basically means that they are the “native speakers” of the computers, digital tools and internet. 

These individuals have clearer insight of change and adapt when the topic is digital era. One of the elements of what departs these two different types of residents of the society is their methods and speed of generating a solution to the current problems of today.

The aim of the project MIND THE GAP constitutes of the determination of the needs of these digital migrants in terms of setting a framework for contemporary digital skills, developing new learning contents and methods, providing an e-learning platform including digital-ed modules and webinars as maps to help digital migrants become active participants in digital environment.


The main target users of the project products are adult trainers, institutions, authorities and representatives of adult training supporting elders in acquiring contemporary skills.

Final beneficiaries are Adults (+55) with low digital skills (“digital migrants”).


LBP. Asociación La Bien Pagá Espacio Escénico

La Bien Pagá Espacio Escénico (LBP) is an association aimed at supporting the socio-educational integration and cultural inclusion of people with fewer opportunities and vulnerable groups through culture and arts. The association supports disadvantaged groups including: children and school students with learning disabilities, low-skilled and low qualified young and adults, migrant families and refugees, ethnic minorities and offenders.


KIST Consult

KIST Consult specialises in development, marketing and transfer of national and international educational, vocational education and training projects. Our vision is to build a bridge between the economy and education as well as to form lasting, demand – oriented networks between cooperative partners. We offer innovative concepts which uphold the ideal that education is available to all and has to be accessible to all. We also stand for equal opportunities.


AKETH. Anaptixiako Kentro Thessalias

Anaptyxiako Kentro Thessalias, is a nonprofit organization, accredited by Greek National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance, which operates as continuing vocational education & training (VET) center/provider.
The mission of the organization is aligned with the E.U. strategic framework about fighting the rising levels of unemployment –particularly among young people, by providing certified education & training opportunities, counseling & personal development in order to contribute in their life improving. AKETH-DCT has a great experience in the field of education, in both E.U. Programmes and National Programmes, especially in the implementation of EU.


GOI. Governorship of Istanbul – ISTANBUL VALILIGI

Governership of Istanbul (GOI) is the highest administrative body in Istanbul. EU and Foreign Relations Office develops and implements projects on behalf of the GOI and it makes sure that the citizens understand the implementations demanded by EU. In the project field, GOI’s priorities are supporting people with disabilities, disadvantaged groups, immigrants, NEETs and unemployed adults, and sustainability. In this context, GOI cooperates with public institutions, universities, training centers, VET schools and centers, and NGOs for youth and adults.


SILVERSAP. Coopérative d’Activité et d’Emploi dans les Services A la Personne et la Silver Economie

Silversap is a cooperative of activity and employment (CAE) specialized in the accompaniment of project leaders in the fields of personal services and the Silver Economy. We bring together independent entrepreneurs who share human and collective values. We address ourselves to professionals of the personal services and Silver economy sector, who think that a company must prosper, but also have human, cooperative and responsible values.

Web: httpss://

INFODEF. Institute for the Promotion of Development and Training

INFODEF, Institute for the Promotion of Development and Training, is a private and independent centre for Research, Development and Innovation. We design innovative tools, methodologies, products and services that respond to current social and economic challenges and enable to anticipate and drive the changes needed to achieve future goals and objectives in society.


BEYKOZ. Beykoz Kaymakamlığı

Beykoz District Governorship is the highest authority of the district, with a number of approximately 18 civil servants and giving service in various fields. It ensures and follows the implementation of reforms and projects implemented by ministries in the European Union accession process in the district.
Since Beykoz District Governorship is the highest administrative authority in the district, it is able to coordinate all public institutions and non-governmental organizations in the district. Beykoz District Governorship gives priority to projects that specifically address disadvantaged groups such as the unemployed (young people) or people with immigrant origin or physical / mental disabilities. It organizes various educational activities to improve the life skills of disadvantaged groups in the district.



Beykoz District Governorship is the highest authority in the district and can organize all public institutions and organizations. The European Union follows the reforms related to the harmonization process and develops projects especially for disadvantaged groups. Beykoz District Governorship prioritizes projects that specifically address disadvantaged groups such as the unemployed (young people) or people with immigrant origin or physical/mental disabilities. It organizes various educational activities to improve the life skills of disadvantaged groups in the district.



Theoretical and Methodological Framework for Contemporary Digital Skills for Adults

This theoretical and methodological competence framework intends to provide an outline of the current needs and challenges of digital migrants in the adaptation process into the digital environment.


Training Curriculum for digital migrants

This result is planned to design and develop a training curriculum for adult trainers in guidance of digital migrants to acquire skills and autonomy in the use of digital tools. The curriculum defines the essential Knowledge, Skills and Responsibility and Autonomy that adult trainers need to have in the teaching of elders who cannot temporize with the constantly changing modern world. The primary focus of the curriculum is supporting the adult trainers to foster digital migrants to become active in social interaction, engaging citizenship, browsing/sharing information through digital tools.

E- learning platform including digital-ed modules for the contemporary digital skills for digital migrants

The result aims to provide a multi-lingual e-learning platform for adult trainers in the teaching of digital migrants to guide in concrete ICT skills to be used in daily life. The primary focus of the platform is offering learning contents in digital-ed modules through a digital environment. The contents of the modules aim to cover important aspects of the “digital life” in terms of self-development, social and financial interaction, creating and managing electronic identity (eID) etc. A practical guide to overcome the challenges in adult learning compliments the e-Learning contents.


Webinars / Instructional Videos as maps directly for digital migrants in virtual world

A set of Webinars/instructional videos related to the concrete functions of the digital tools in daily life are developed with the aim to provide adults with guidance in the access of e-public services and social interaction tools in digital environment.














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